Regulated Pool Plant Lists AMS

Description: Regulated Plant Lists are milk plants, often defined as "handlers," who are regulated under the Federal Milk Marketing Orders. Market Administrators in each Federal Order compile monthly lists of milk plants that meet the qualification criteria defined in CFR§1000, which defines the regulations for the Federal Orders. Report Synopsis: The regulated plant list report is updated monthly as data are submitted by the individual Orders to the Market Information Branch of the AMS Dairy Program. This report lists the number of Federal Orders under which each plant is regulated for the particular month. Although a plant cannot be regulated under more than one order in the same month, some plants may be regulated by one order one month and then be regulated under another order the following month. Regulated handlers are required to submit to the Market Administrator the amounts of producer milk, in pounds, that were received in the previous month. The regulated plant list report lists both regulated pool distributing plants and regulated pool supply plants. Pool distributing plants package and distribute Class I fluid milk products. Pool supply plants supply pool distributing plants with Grade A milk as the need arises. The exact qualification standards and criteria for these two groups of regulated milk handling entities are defined in the statute for each Federal Milk Marketing Order (See CFR §1000 for each Order).
Division: Dairy Program

Frequency of Release:Daily


Feb 28, 2024
Contact office name:Agricultural Marketing Service