Dairy Products Prices Annual Summary NASS

This annual summary contains revised weekly weighted average prices received and aggregated volumes of sales of cheddar cheese, butter, nonfat dry milk, and dry whey. All revised estimates are based on three data sources: Agriculture Marketing Service (AMS) verification data performed by AMS auditors, resubmitted data to correct inaccuracies exposed by NASS during data analysis and/or discrepancy evaluation, and resubmitted data inaccuracies discovered by the plant during an internal review of program specifications to comply with the mandatory reporting rules. The release of the new Dairy Products Prices Annual Summary will incorporate all verification data and any other resubmitted plant data previously not available during the four week revision period.

Frequency of Release:Annually


Apr 29, 2010
Contact office name:National Agricultural Statistics Service
Contact email:nass@nass.usda.gov