Weekly Cotton Market Review, entire report -- PDF announcement only AMS

An announcement that a PDF copy of this report has been prepared and placed in the USDA AMS report repository. The email message is formatted in ASCII text and contains a URL for the PDF formated report. This is an overview of the weeks cotton market compared to the previous week and the corresponding week the previous year. It includes the current value of the Adjusted World Price (AWP), the Loan Deficiency Payment (LDP)(or Marketing Loan Gain), the Coarse Count Adjustment, the Upland User Marketing Certificate Rate (Step 2), and the Extra Long Staple (ELS) Step 2 Competitiveness Payment; a report of Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) sales of Upland and Pima cotton forfeited to the CCC loan; supply, demand, offerings, prices, trading activity for the seven spot markets (Southeast, North Delta, South Delta, East Texas-Oklahoma, West Texas, Desert Southwest, and San Joaquin Valley), a textile mill report, stocks, forward contracting, prices received by producers, certificated stocks, production, and consumption; and reports and information from the Bureau of the Census, the National Agriculture Statistics Service (NASS), the Farm Service Agency (FSA), the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC), and the Economic Research Service (ERS).

Frequency of Release:Weekly


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Jul 19, 2019
Contact office name:Agricultural Marketing Service
Contact email:ams@ams.usda.gov