Estimated Fluid Milk Sales AMS

Description: In-Area Sales are dispositions (deliveries) of fluid milk products in consumer type packages from milk processing (bottling) plants to outlets in Federal Order marketing areas that sell directly to consumers. These outlets include food stores, convenience stores, warehouse stores/wholesale clubs, non-food stores, schools, food service industry, and home delivery. The Estimated Fluid Milk Products Sales are established using Federal Milk Marketing Order (FMMO) in-area sales (in pounds), and extrapolating fluid sales based on population density in remaining areas. The In-Area Sales data are collected by Federal Milk Marketing Orders and aggregated by Market Information Branch of the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS). Report Synopsis: Estimated Sales figures are representative of the consumption of fluid milk products in Federal Milk Marketing Order areas. The Federal Order In-Area Sales account for approximately 92 percent (based on population density) of total fluid milk sales in the United States. An estimate of total U.S. fluid milk sales is derived by extrapolating the remaining 8 percent of sales from the Federal Order data.
Division: Dairy Program

Frequency of Release:Daily


Mar 31, 2024
Contact office name:Agricultural Marketing Service