Dairy Products Prices Special Report NASS

NASS conducts weekly surveys of plants that produce and sell over one million pounds of nonfat dry milk annually in order to aid in determining a fair market value for raw milk and the implementation of the National Dairy Support Program. A reporting error was identified in the data published the weeks of March 31, March 24, and March 17, 2007, which resulted in revisions to the NASS weekly nonfat dry milk price. To determine the extent of the misreporting the National Agricultural Statistics Service conduced a special data validation of all qualifying nonfat dry milk plants to review collected data, resulting in revisions made by five firms. This special report contains the original and revised prices and volumes for nonfat dry milk.

Frequency of Release:Not Specified


Jun 28, 2007
Contact office name:National Agricultural Statistics Service
Contact email:nass@nass.usda.gov