Feed Situation ERS

This report contains commentary and data on feed production, supply, trade, use, and prices in both domestic and foreign markets. Transportation rate indexes and shipment information is also contained within the report. Data is available for a number of grains, including corn, oats, sorghum, barley, and hay, along with byproduct feeds. The report also contains a special article focusing on China?s corn production, consumption, exports, and imports, including projections on the country?s future corn trade and role as a major exporter. The Feed Situation report was published monthly during the 1940s and then 5 times a year and quaterly in later decades. Supplemental statistical reports are also offered each year throughout the 1940s.

Frequency of Release:Other


Oct 26, 1994
Contact person name:Claire Hutchins
Contact office name:Economic Research Service
Contact phone:816-412-6618