In-Shell Pecan Cold Storage Updates NASS

This document provides revisions to the 2006 in-shell pecan inventories based on information from an incident in September 2006 in which it was reported that in-shell pecans were being double counted, as well as the addition of previously unreported inventories. The unreported inventory data was not available prior to the September 21, 2006 Cold Storage release. Therefore, the July and August 2006 inventory levels are revised from the original release of the September Cold Storage report. There will be no further revisions to 2005 in-shell pecan inventories. Estimates for 2006 are subject to revision during the normal Annual Summary report released in February of the following year. Minimal revisions are expected due to the publication of revisions at this time.

Frequency of Release:Not Specified


Oct 4, 2006
Contact office name:National Agricultural Statistics Service