Class I Prices AMS

Description: The Class I Milk Price report is announced each month and includes the Class I Milk Price, Butterfat Price, and Skim Milk Price. The report is based on all milk used to produce Class I Fluid Milk products. Report Synopsis: The Class I Milk Price for each Federal Milk Marketing Order is determined by adding the Class I differential for the particular county location of the regulated handler to the monthly Class I Mover (the nationwide Class I price before any Class I differentials are added). The Class I Milk Price listed in the table is at the order's base location. The Class I Milk Price represents the minimum milk price required to be paid by regulated handlers to producers pooled under the Federal Milk Marketing Order program for milk used to produce Class I Fluid Milk products. The Class I Price is specific to a Federal Milk Marketing Order's principal base pricing point or the physical location of the Class I pool plant. The All Markets Combined is a weighted average of all the Orders but is based on the order’s Class I milk pounds at the Order’s base location.
Division: Dairy Program

Frequency of Release:Daily



Oct 30, 2023
Contact office name:Agricultural Marketing Service