Fruit and Tree Nuts Outlook ERS

This publication reports on the current state of the U.S fruits and tree nuts sector and provides an outlook on increases or declines in grower and retail prices, production, supply, and use of fruits and nuts. The publication also identifies and provides commentary on continuing trends. Forecasts by NASS, as well as factors such as domestic and foreign supplies, import volumes, and weather conditions are also included.

E-mail Notification Readers of ERS outlook reports have two ways they can receive an e-mail notice about release of reports and associated data.

  1. Receive timely notification (soon after the report is posted on the web) via USDA’s Economics,Statistics and Market Information System (which is housed at Cornell University’s Mann Library).Go to and follow the instructions to receive e-mail notices about ERS, Agricultural Marketing Service, National Agricultural Statistics Service, and World Agricultural Outlook Board products.
  2. Receive weekly notification (on Friday afternoon) via the ERS website. Go to  and follow the instructions to receive notices about ERS outlook reports, Amber Waves magazine, and other reports and data products on specific topics. ERS also offers RSS (really simple syndication) feeds for all ERS products. Go to  to get started.

Frequency of Release:Seasonal


Mar 30, 2023
Contact person name:Catharine Weber
Contact office name:Economic Research Service
Contact phone:(816)410-3210